Local Farmers

Scott and Tina Keeler began Scissortail Farm to bring middle Tennessee a unique choice in premium meat. We want to provide lamb year round, not just seasonally. 

Pasture Raised Lamb


Our lamb is raised on the beautiful, rolling pastures of Middle  Tennessee. We strive to provide a premium quality pasture raised lamb year-round, not just during holidays.


Lamb should be a high end meat option any time of year, and we can provide. 

Ethical Farming Practices Matter


Our lamb is grown with flavor in mind.  Lush  pastures and caring animal practices produce top quality meat. You will never find any antibiotics or growth hormones in your lamb.


Our lambs get the best nurtition so they can provide you the best nutrition. 

Columbia, Tennessee


Now, more than ever, it is important to know where your food comes from.


We believe a pasture to plate relationship is important. Knowing that your lamb comes from local farmers, not from overseas, gives you the piece of mind that freshness and American quality is guaranteed.


We are proud of our Tennessee Lamb and a proud Pick TN Partner. 

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