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  • How did Scissortail Farm TN get its name?
    Tennessee has been home for 10 years now, but we were both born and raised on the flat land of Oklahoma. We wanted to honor our home state by using the Oklahoma state bird as part of our logo, that way we keep a little bit of home with us here in Tennessee. Boomer Sooner! Go Polks!
  • What breeds of sheep do you have?
    We raise Katahdin and Katahdin/Suffolk cross. Since the majority of our customers are accustomed to bigger beef cuts we have found this breed and combination gives us the biggest loin size while retaining the mild lamb flavor our customers love.
  • Can we visit the farm to see the baby lambs?
    At this time we are not hosting farm tours or animal visits. Lots of liabilities and insurance involved in that! Please follow along on Facebook or Instagram for lots of behind-the-scenes content!
  • How is your lamb raised?
    All our lambs are born and raised on the rolling hills of middle Tennessee. For the 3 months prior to harvest, we supplement our harvest lambs with extra chopped hay and a high protein feed to enhance the marbling and flavor. Our lambs always have access to grass and/or hay, water and shelter, in addition to salt and minerals so they have a balanced diet. We finish our lambs in this way because we feel it gives our customers the most flavorful, tender and most consistent flavor profile regardless of what season the lamb is purchased. We will never apologize for the way we raise our seep and lambs because they are all cared for with the most caring and humane animal practices we can provide them. Happy lambs have the best flavor!
  • I have never had lamb before, what can I expect?
    We think that lamb isn't gamey and has a delicious unique flavor. Easy to cook and prized by chefs and home foodies alike. Grilled, seared on a cast iron pan, slow roasted or smoked - lamb is very versatile. Basically, we cook it like beef! We include recipe books and recipe cards to offer inspiration and direction in preparing your lamb. Our favorite seasonings to use on lamb is Hardcore Carnivore Camo or Black. Both are fantastic on lamb! Check out our Pinterest page for our favorite lamb recipes.
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